As not everyone was aware of Lej’s holiday antics in a Scottish castle for a reality TV show, his sudden change (displaying such symptoms as fashion sense) may have been even more jarring. I had meant to provide info on the programme earlier, but it slipped my mind. Beauty and the Geek is an American import show in which nerds are mismatched with attractive women to compete in various challenges with a large cash prize at the end.

Lej suggests he was chosen due to his participation in the uni’s table football society. Having survived several rounds of interviews he made the final shortlist for the show which was filmed over the Christmas holidays. Contractually obliged to secrecy, he remains tight lipped about the entire affair (aside from some details spilled to CUR1350), although the new-look Lej Mk. II has sparked much speculation that we may even have the winner in our midst.

The show airs on E4 at 10pm from February 7th, and later on Channel 4 at 10:30pm from March 31st. Meanwhile his teammates at Downing College AFC have thoughtfully put together an EBUK gallery for you to reminisce about the “good ol’ Lej”.

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