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Baton Rouge, Whistlestop

The mosquito problem is, my researchers tell me, approximately seventy billion times worse down south in the city of Baton Rouge. My badly bitten arms concur. It becomes swiftly evident on visiting such places that the main advantage to a climate like Britain’s is that most of the unpleasant critters don’t want to live there — one need not fear being devoured by mosquitoes, home invasion by cockroaches, being bled dry by leeches or any of the other myriad terrors that abound in warmer climes. For that I, and my arms, are extremely grateful.

We spent only a single night in Baton Rouge, returning to Monroe today, which is not really long enough to see everyone as we would wish. Steve, Debbie and Nic came over to the Traylors’ for dinner and we surprised Dave Marley with a late night visit to the Starbucks at which he works part time. As instructed by Jenna I sampled their coffeeless Vanilla Bean Frappuccino — yes, the flavour is nice; no, it’s not really a milkshake, being too creamy and not frozen enough. Jeff was also around since he’s working this week before going back up to Monroe on Friday. Jane has wandered off on some kind of Tex-Mex holiday so I couldn’t catch up with her.

Today I rounded off the big camera purchase with a UV lens filter (the lens is large at 72mm, limiting options somewhat), receiving exemplary service at Ritz Camera, and a compact but nondescript camera bag (i.e. one that doesn’t scream “steal this!”). On a related note the May Week gallery has been massively extended with a host of tardy photos. Now that those are done, expect to see some USA pictures appearing shortly. I am still learning to use the new camera, particularly as regards light levels, so decent pictures may be less frequent for the latter part of the trip.


  1. “approximately seventy billion times worth down south”

    Have you developed a writing lithp Priyan?

    Nice to see you’re now blogging more frequently!


  2. You think you have a problem with the mosquitoes? Trying growing up with a mosquito allergy! I used to get massive red welts the sixe of quarters when they bit me – every time! – and thanks to that and months of itching and scratching that followed, I now have mosquito-bite scars.

    That being said, you get used to them after a while. And the cockroaches. And the flesh-eating spiders. Though, I’ve never seen a leech firsthand in my entire life, so I’m not sure where you got that from. 🙂

    The cruise (and it was not “Tex-Mex”, it was Mexican, my friend) was fun and all, but I’ll never be doing that again anytime soon. Too cramped. *shudder*

  3. You went to Texas and then Mexico, right? It was Tex-Mex…

  4. New blog please (let’s see if this works for a third time :D)

  5. What Sam said. And fix your photos already! House hunting can’t be that important…

  6. Priyan, it’s been forever, and I’ve got a job as well, so don’t blame it on that!

  7. I think I saw some where that he doesn’t have internet. Or maybe he’s now just as boring as all of us and therefor has nothing interesting to blog about.

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