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The Visitor Map has certainly been embraced by you guys given the flood of comments we received. Most of you seem to be enjoying the new toy, largely as a procrastination tool I would imagine. The two notable exceptions are a certain disgruntled llama photographer and a sat-map electoral roll stalker. At any rate, do add yourself if you haven’t already, and then go about hunting for your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousins’s former-roommate’s old school. I’m told that’s what people are doing. I do not judge as it seems marginally more productive than dragging a piece of string around* with your mouse.

Paris Hilton at E3In post-E3 news, apparently Paris Hilton turned up at the convention to promote her new mobile phone game, “Diamond Quest”. Which proved to be a bit of a problem, since she doesn’t have a new game called “Diamond Quest”. It’s actually called Paris Hilton’s Jewel Jam, which you would have thought she might remember, firstly since it has her name in the title, and secondly because it was plastered all over the walls behind her. But that’s what you get for hiring Paris Hilton, I suppose. Another source suggests the game’s name was actually changed at the last minute, and she got it right. It looks like the marketing department need to be fired either way because both sound ridiculous. And Paris Hilton?

Will Wright's SporeIt is a little known fact that Robin Williams is an avid gamer. He was also at E3 ths year, lending his somewhat more paletable celebrity presence to SimCity-creator Will Wright’s latest brainchild, Spore, a game that looks as though it was inspired by a mixture of Pixar movies and Darwinian evolution. It certainly shows promise although it’s still hard to fathom exactly what the gameplay entails. Williams can been seen demonstrating the creature design system with suitable improvisational flair. Like Will Ferrell, the man’s comedic talents range far beyond the film roles he tends to select, as I realised the first time I saw him performing stand-up comedy, shocked to hear him swearing profusely once freed from the constraints of a U-rated set.

* WARNING: String Avoider is as insidious as it is infuriariting, we do not advise clicking on this link if you have an addictive personality and cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may ensue.


  1. Spore is my reason to buy a new computer. I cannot wait for that game!

  2. Typo! Let’s see who spots it first :d

  3. I did. Gone. :-$

  4. Adman, get that game – and then let me play it :>

  5. hmm.. how many levels does that string thing have ? I got a little fed up with it.. :-w

    *off to find another procrastination tool*

  6. Oh, I’m going to get it Shamini. Not sure there’ll be any available time for /you/ to play it in though. ¬_¬

  7. Your visitor’s map is getting boring… 10 people and 80% from the UK. You should do something to attract (more) international visitors… :d

  8. I’m the furthest North. Does that count as international? Or am I just “special”? (*)

  9. Kirsten, we do get a lot of internation traffic but most of it consists of one-time visits for people interested in something specific like a film review. Our regulars are, unsurprisingly, UK-based. Perhaps if we had a lederhosen contest…

    Adam, you’re very special.

  10. If you can pronounce “Lederhosen” properly AND learn that nouns are written with upper case letters in German, THEN I will let you have comments like THAT. x(

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