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Auditory Workout

Over the weekend my speakers were given a real workout that I’m sure they thoroughly enjoyed. After Dyson’s birthday dinner people ended up in the party room without any speakers powerful enough to fill the large space so I got a call. Bringing down the Logitech beasts, I was able to turn them up to 3/4 of their maximum capacity as they belted their lungs out. It was the first time I had seen the Hamster Cage (as the improbably large sub woofer is known) moving a hefty amount of air through its hole. Now if only I can find an excuse to turn them all the way up to 11…

Much of the weekend was spent frantically coding as the Ball website is due for release this week with much of the art and content only now arriving. However a working model has been approved and I can confidently state that Downing Ball will have the best-looking website for the second year running. Sure, I’m a little biased, but it has certainly been a team effort this year and Angie has been awesome help. Not being on the committee this year I am not privy to all the inner machinations but I will endeavour to keep you informed and see if there’s any info I won’t be hanged for leaking. For now just be aware that tickets go on sale at the end of the month and will be available at a reduced price for the first 3 weeks so book early.

Finally the DVD Bargains page has been updated with some great box set deals on British comedies that I picked up over Christmas. The 8-disc complete Jeeves & Wooster box is a steal if you’re a fan of Fry, Laurie, Wodehouse, or — as you ought — all three.


  1. The complete Jeeves & Wooster?! 😮 NO WAY!

    *is jealous, and wishing I had the money*

  2. Downing ball having an Irish theme? I see leprechauns (that may be the drugs though)

  3. No, actually that would be the Ball president and vice-president you’re seeing.

    (Dave and Angie are both short and Irish. In fact we “outed” Dave as a secret leprechaun over 2 years ago.)

  4. It was the first time I had seen the Hamster Cage (as the improbably large sub woofer is known) moving a hefty amount of air through its hole.

    Which system? And incidentally, it’s not a “hole”, it’s a flared reflex port.

  5. Quite, “reflex port” just didn’t seem to fit the sentence quite as nicely…

    I’m using Logitech’s Z-2200s that I picked up a few years ago after deciding I wanted a great 2.1 system rather than having trailing wires for a surround sound system in a student room which sounded like a recipe for disaster! It was only after buying them, primarily for the quality at both high and very low volumes, that I discovered they were actually THX-certified.

  6. Actually, I’ve already got the complete J+W on good ol’ VHS. It’s home is snuggling up alongside my complete Flying Circus on VHS. I may be a little sad but at least I’m old skool about it!

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