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CUR1350By the end of term I intend to have listened to every Downing-produced CUR1350 radio show at least once. Last night I finally listened to Another Planet’s Hell, which is Alex, Louis and Jamie’s aural offering that managed to elude me all last term. Largely because my memory is shocking. I was impressed, possibly more by the congenial banter between the two (Jamie was away) than the music (which is suitably varied from classic rock to hip hop). Of course, the fact they referred to me as “a legend” live on air may have influenced me somewhat. And they’re also a decent source of information, revealing a little Downing goss: Pete the barman is getting married. Congratulations!

Kirsten and I had dinner at Al Casbah on Mill Road, a great little Algerian restaurant whose Valentine’s day menu consisted of copious amounts of meat. It was absolutely packed but, having booked, we didn’t need to wait long. Working through the entire mixed grill spread before us was virtually impossible, and the price tag even included a rose for her so I didn’t have to! It is, I am told, much cheaper for lunch than dinner, but falls well within the student budget nonetheless. Anna actually recommended the place to me several months ago so remember to thank her if you try it out. I suggest you do.

Tonight is Midway Dinner and since Luke will be bringing his camera along we may have some guest shots from him when I describe the inevitable antics…

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  1. I still cant see the Valentine’s post! :-??

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