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“Alright, Let’s A-Wassail!”

This evening’s Advent Carol Service was filled with some remarkably appropriate music for the liturgical period of repetance which isn’t best served by joyous (or rather, raucus) carolling or even wassailing, whatever that may be*. Ben selected some lovely pieces for the choir, who did a great job, and some easily singable stuff for the congregation to slaughter. Having seated everyone else, the Chapel Wardens mostly ended up perched on the end of things while the service proceeded. The choir are rather more used to singing to a mostly empty chapel so found their volume somewhat muted when absorbed by a solid mass of bodies. It was followed by the usual free buffet dinner replete with mulled wine and those plates with the cool clip-on wine holders that only ever seem to be brought out at this one event each year — I’d have thought they should be a staple at any respectable law presentation.

On Friday night I took Sparkie, Sonya, Chima and Kirsten to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It turns out I was right. My encapsulated review is “brilliantly funny, see it now“. A slightly more coherent view is found in the link above, but to be honest the extra words are largely unnecessary. It’s a perfectly balanced comic noir which, I am told, just serves to show how unfunny The Ice Harvest actually is. Or, for that matter, Ben Stiller in general.

I’ve also been further fuelling my eBay habit with the recent discovery of JBidWatcher. I’m only telling you about it because I like you, so don’t tell anyone else. Naturally I think sniping is a filthy practice and could not possibly condone it. But hey, if they’re going to steal items from under my nose — err, finger — then it’s war.

*Yes, I do know that wassailing is the practice of door-to-door singing requesting in return a “wassail” or refreshment. 2 points to anyone who recognises the title quote though.


  1. OM-!
    oh dear oh dear oh dear
    I keep yelling at sonya for calling you priyam. Deary me. Going to have to stop that.
    For your information the person you went to the cinema with was actually sonya. Not fiona. They neither look nor sound nothing alike. You’d better tread carefully now!

  2. Oops, good thing no one else saw that horrendous typo, eh?
    [looks sheepish]
    Fortunately I do know who they are so don’t make such mistakes in person and hence avoid getting hit. Repeatedly.

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