I bumped into Dawson from Whitgift a couple of days ago. He’s been studying English at Pembroke for the last year and we run into each other intermittently, usually whenever he’s up near the Faculty. He has gradually transmutated into the wild-eyed, rebellious-haired director type, puffing distractedly on a cigarette as we chatted (in his defence he hadn’t slept the previous night which may have had something to do with it!). He’s currently directing All My Sons, quite possibly the best of Arthur Miller’s less mainstream plays, so I’d highly recommend it to anyone with a free evening.

All My Sons
Pembroke New Cellars
19:30 Tue 01st – Sat 05th Nov

Disclaimer: No cash, gift or other item of monetary value exchanged hands in return for this plug. It would, nevertheless, be most welcome.