heinz baked beansDrowning myself in work has begun to take its toll on me, but last night in Brixton was definitely rejuvinating. It was a strange experience to find myself in a room in a hazy room in Brixton with people from all over the country. I’d actually met a few of Zaki’s uni friends before, Georgie at a curry night and the House Tree visit, so it was cool to see her again. The whole evening had exactly the chilled, mellow mood I needed given how hectic and overwhelming certain things have felt recently.

Chop and I met up in Victoria and accidentally bumped into Sophie who was also heading to Zaki’s. She decided she wanted to get him a birthday card, but then I saw Special K bars and figured it was fairly obvious which Zaki would appreciate more (Sophie vehemently disagreed but has since relented). Once in Brixton, as we left the underground station, she decided to pick up a bottle of wine for him too, so stepping into Sainsbury’s I swiftly hunted down two tins of Heinz baked beans (the only food he could actually cook) and a box of chewy chocolate chip cookies. Whilst the wine was admittedly a lovely gesture, Zaki definitely loved the quirkiness of the baked beans, which he did eat that night. As for the cookies, everyone was raving about them, asking who bought them. Except Alexia. Because she’d noticed they were on discount.