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Bang BangAetheria was a fantastic success. I was unsure right up until the night quite how things would go down, but I certainly had faith the committee would pull together. As it happened the whole night ran more smoothly than any of us could have imagined, meaning that we were all able to enjoy ourselves a little too. In every way we had built upon the foundations of Bohème and improved. The cold was an issue once more, and although the new layout offered more protection than last year the most common complaint was that it was still freezing. Nevertheless a plethora of readily available hot drinks made it considerably more bearable. The main bands were well received but it must be said that the comedians left something to be desired — that thing being a legitimate sense of humour. However the two-pronged combined attack of Dodgems and fireworks are, I now realise, practically a pre-requisite of any real seventy grand party. And we threw a pretty mean one at that.

Casino RoyaleTicketing could not have been sweeter, Ackers confirming over the radios that we were on fire. Indeed, security were genuinely shocked when I informed them we had just over 600 people inside the compound before 10pm as they had barely seen any queue at all. At our peak during the VIP entry we were actually processing people at the rate of about 10 a minute (which would be 600 people an hour), later dropping to just 2 of the 4 computers we had running since wristbanding was the slowest part of the chain. It’s a great feeling when a system just works. Most gatecrashers were caught before they even entered the compound, making Downing Ball one of the most secure around — even one of Cambridge’s legendary gatecrashers had his come-uppance as he was unceremoniously marched off the site.

Griffin Vodka LugeThe Ball website has now been updated with a feedback form and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Dave, the President Elect is already churning through ideas for next year before even putting his committee together, so values any input at all. Certain invdividuals seem to be courting him rather strongly in the hopes of gaining a place on next year’s hallowed team. He seems convinced that I will be working on next year’s website, though I have yet to agree to this. One year of mayhem may well have been enough, but we shall see.

Last night’s committee dinner was a suitably inebriated affair although having spent Sunday clearing up and dismantling, many of us were still too exhausted to get terribly drunk. Others were not. Photos arrived this morning of several people passed out (sorry, asleep) on Sara’s floor including a certain Fellow…


  1. T’was an excellent night. Well done all.

    I’m currently hoping to have the photos done either this weekend, or early next week (read Monday).

    I was impressed by the entrance process, very fast. The main bottleneck that I experienced was the cloak room that was quite a bit slower than the tickets.

    All in all, well done and thanks 🙂

  2. “made it more considerably more bearable”

    Nice one =d>

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