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You will probably have noticed the appearance of some Google ads over the last few days. No, it’s not a sign of the apocalypse, I did in fact put them there myself. The truth is that it’s not really about generating revenue (the site isn’t yet that expensive to run) but more an intriguing social experiment. I have always supported the Google ads scheme on the basis they’re pure text so not intrusive, and they are targetted to the content of the page in an attempt to be relevant to its readers. My interest was piqued after I found Google thought the readers of one site I regularly visit must be gay on the basis of one pro-civil parnership entry. So I’m intrigued to see what they think about you given that you’re here reading P-2006. Currently they seem to think you’re all chocoholics — which is probably rather accurate. The ads tend to correlate to the latest entry, so you’ll see them change in style on a daily basis. It should be interesting to watch and hey, if you feel like clicking on a couple of interesting ones to help me out, so much the better!*

Although customisable in terms of colour, Google ads only allow you to choose from a selection of pre-defined sizes, which causes some problems with integrating them into a website without compromising on design. I don’t think they interfere with the menu at their current location, but if people find them too intrusive I may move them to the bottom of the page. In this case you’ll rarely even see them unless you’re commenting on a specific entry.

I was also amused to find myself in the shortlist for the “Most Likely To Go To Prison” award at our college Midway Dinner. However, Chima is also on the list so competition is pretty stiff. I have a pretty good idea who nominated me, but I’m curious as to exactly what my expected future crime is to be. I deplore mere fraud because — well — it’s just dull. I think it’s about time we had another Great Train Robbery(TM). Perhaps stealing an entire maglev train along with several miles of track. Would that be Great enough? Of course if a routine Vegas heist does arise in the near future, I’m always available. Just speak to my agent and it will all be arranged.

* If you’re using Adblock and not seeing them, I’d humbly ask that you whitelist the site unless you seriously object: just add to your list of sites.


  1. Priyan, you’re going to be a lawyer. And you’re asking what your crime is? I think it’s pretty self evident.

    And currently google ads is offering me drugs and the opportunity to license my IP. I’m unsure how this relates to the content of the site though (unless I missed the drugs pages :-?)

  2. Ocean’s Eleven stylee, eh?
    A team of (mostly) rather good looking, (mostly) intelligent men stealing millions right under the nose of your ex-wife’s boyfriend?

    Wait, no. You’d be the crazy clever one with the Pinch and the bad accent who says things like “We’re in rubble.” Damn straight. :p

  3. Who did nominate you? Wasn’t me, I nominated ollie! Chima reckons he’d win on the basis that they’d never catch you. >:)

  4. Chima makes a good point. Vote Chima. Unless you think this is reverse psychology.

  5. You Cambridge people are weird.

  6. Google is right. I am a chocoholic! But who needs to buy online when you have friends like Chima and P and a nice new chocolate shop in cambridge…Mmmmmmmm=p~ :*

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