Adeel Javaid, RIPClichés are only really cliché when they’re not meant entirely sincerely. And I don’t believe any of us who knew Adeel will ever forget him.

With his death, we have lost an irreplacably bizarre sense of humour that would never fail to make you laugh out loud, no matter how upset, tired, angry (or hungover) you were. His crazy, yet always incredibly insightful, comments got me through more than a few tedious English lessons (this was the guy who once carefully explained, “school is for dropouts”). He will also undoubtedly be remembered for his crazy (if not terribly safe) cocktails and his willingness to experiment with alcohol just as he did everything else in life. He could often be heard defending himself, “It’s 45%…it’s not that strong”. It’s a good thing he never seemed to feel pain!

Yesterday’s funeral, the first Islamic-style one I have attended, went extremely well. I had been worried that there would be few Whitgiftians, but a huge number managed to return from university to pay Adeel the tribute he rightly deserved. Coupled with the attendance of most of his year from Wilsons, this helped his family immensely, and probably surprised them a little too.

“the cartoon is a nice lil venue…i will be there…
and hey hey (muwhahahaaahaha) to the band members and phoenix…
not the bands actual members but the bands members u know….
just err yeah”

Adeel, posting on The Sound and the Fury‘s guestbook

For someone who usually has far too many words at his disposal, these are by far the hardest for me to write. I only hope that he found in the sea the peace he could never find in life. We’ll miss him horribly, but the memories of those good times will keep us strong.

For those who may have been unable to attend the burial but wish to visit his grave, Adeel was buried in the south-east end of Merton & Sutton Joint Cememtary, Garth Road, Morden, Surrey SM4 4NT.