On Sunday I acquired a Goddaughter, Audrey. I was delighted to accept when Alex and Suzi asked me. Duties are split with Sarah (far right) and Claudia, who was a little too preoccupied with giving birth to attend!

The service was at St George’s on Hannover Square, the same church where Alex and Suzi got married. Audrey was perfectly behaved through the service…

…whilst her brother Max was a bit of a tearaway!

Rounding out our Christening party was David’s son, Henry. Suzi had suggested the joint Christening to knock all three out at once, which was the perfect excuse for a party afterwards.

I had significant doubts as to whether Sarah would actually give Audrey up by the end of the day.

Gen is Max’s Godmother but Audrey seemed equally comfortable with her.

I have known Alex’s dad, Douwe, since Alex and Suzi got engaged. He is an international law professor and human rights specialist so picking his brain is always fascinating.

Suzi’s decidedly international cake was her quiet protest against Trump.

A full Sunday roast at the RAF Club.

The lens was turned on me occasionally when my camera slipped my grasp.

Henry’s Godmother, Sara, deserves a shot since she took the photo of me.

Audrey and Suzi looking fabulous.