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Apple often get a bad rap from me, it’s true. Having displayed remarkable self-restraint regarding their latest technological advancement, the self-shattering iPod Nano screen, I thought I’d post a useful bit of info for anyone who was considering buying a Nano but was disenchanted with its “mere” 4GB of storage space. Fear not, for a cunning modification with easy-to-follow instructions will allow you to upgrade the device to a seriously impressive 200GB model, really pushing it to its limits. Buy a Nano safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to use it the way Apple really intended.

If you’re doing a subject like Law I would recommend not having three supervisions spread over two days. Aside from being highly uncivilised, it’s just common sense really. But the sort of common sense that didn’t quite work out this year. Like not mixing them with another seven lectures over the two days, only that didn’t work out either. Today involved leaving college around 8:30am and getting back at about 6:30pm to have a meal that could have been breakfast, lunch or dinner, but really served as all three since I hadn’t had a chance to eat ’til then. Nevertheless, having survived that horrific coalescence of work, the weekend is looking distinctly brighter. Well, it’s looking real at any rate.

I did take out a cyclist this morning. There’s little love lost between the cyclists of Cambridge and me, what with their supercilious attitude that they are governed by absolutely no rules whatsoever. The Highway Code is apparently a sort of suggested practice for car users and therefore utterly irrelevent. Our man in question seemed of the opinion that a pedestrian stepping onto a zebra crossing is an indication to accelerate rather than to stop, although in his defence perhaps he mistook it for a set of monochrome Mario Kart speed strips. Nevertheless, having hit me he swerved off and ended up on the ground, so it could have been worse. He appeared, I’m afraid, thoroughly unharmed and predictably irate. He was, you see, a cyclist. And therefore in the right. After all, he’s good for the environment.

Green Light

After successful presentations by Will and Rav who survived what was, by all accounts, a rather brutal grilling with questions, the Ball has now been officially green lighted by the DCAC and the GPC. A rather empty looking but fully operation site is now available at and the content should be appearing within a day or two, including the ticket application system.

happy birthday Jo!Yesterday’s Cranworth Society drinks gave us a chance to get to know the Downing law freshers a little better, although it tends to be a less riotous affair than some of the later events in the calendar. As it transpired it was also Jo’s birthday, a girl on my corridor. I went along to the slightly rowdier do in her room since it seemed a good way to get to know my third year neighbours a little better. It swiftly degenerated into a paper-throwing fight that dishevelled the entire room as mattresses and and chairs were pulled away for use as cover. In hindsight it wasn’t really the best night for a fire drill at 7am, was it?

300 Years in the Making

The Ball Committee seems to be growing exponentially. Well, exponentially may be slighty inaccurate; we’ve only brought seven freshers into the fold. The innocent volunteers will no doubt find themselves laden with the dullest of the gruntwork, although section heads have been told to “ease them in gently”. I’m just bitter that I have no one new to boss around, or perhaps it’s the fact I had to create forum accounts and set up email addresses for them all. Either way I look forward to meeting them all soon. Today’s meeting scheduled the launch party for the 8th November so make a note.

In other news Google have announced that after doing a little maths, they’ve calculated that it will take approximately 300 years for them to index all the information in the world (an estimated five million terabytes). It begs the question whether they actually consider the details of a 13-year-old blogger’s breakfast to consititute information or, for that matter, this. At any rate, they obviously just need more pigeons.

And in preparation for Hallowe’en, since I’ll actually be around this year, I decided it was finally time to replace those broken fangs with a brand new custom Scarecrow pair. I’ve ordered them from my usual supplier in the States but I just hope they get here in time since those things have a tendency to get held up at customs for some reason…

You Can’t Stop The Signal

My jaw has dropped several times today so despite being on the verge of exhaustion, I feel the need to share. It’s been going non-stop since I woke at eight for another nine o’clock lecture. I now have four of them a week which I think is rather unsporting. Nevertheless having attended my fifth lecture this term, and therefore outdoing most people who claimed I wasn’t working last year, I sorted out several jobs before meeting the chaplain and the chapel wardens, whose ranks I have just joined. After a strange initiation ceremony involving a large baked potato and some cheese, we discussed the relevant issues while I pondered which part of me glowed with enough Christianity for the chaplain to have offered me the role in the first place.

signed copyI hurried off to another meeting with the Globalist editors, only this time it was person. Over the course of a few hours I met every member of the editorial board for the first time which was very weird, having previously known them only electronically. It was fantastic to actually see them in the flesh of course. Some were as I imagined, some a little different. Having spent virtual weeks together with Steph obsessing over the minutiae of the mag it partly felt like we knew each other inside out all already, though I’m pretty sure we’ve only grazed the surface, but we get on in person as well as we do online. (Almost) more importantly, I got to hold the magazine for the first time. My eyes grew wider than ever as I savoured every drop off ink, painstakingly positioned. I still can’t look at some pages without wincing at the painful effort it required. But it looks gorgeous. I have my copy, signed by all the editors, sitting in my room so I may sneak you a few photos later. As our posters now proclaim, the release is on the 24th. It’ll be well worth the wait. I promise.

Serenity's crewThe evening was all about Serenity. Foregoing yesterday’s preview because I had to see it with TomTom (who originally introduced me to Firefly), we headed out with Ravi and Angie (who’d watched a little of the series) and Lyds and Jon (who hadn’t). Everyone loved it. TomTom and I adored it. Fans will be grinning so hard when they step out of that theatre with a feeling not evoked in a sci-fi film since the return to the Star Wars universe in The Empire Strikes Back. I finally understand those T-shirts now. The dialogue is as witty and tightly written as anything Whedon’s done, the effects are stunning but complement rather than overpowering the great performances, and those fan moments hit every note perfectly. I promise a review as soon as I stop grinning inanely every time I think back. But it’s not just for Firefly fans, and it’s not just for guys. You truly can’t stop the signal. Serenity now.


New yearThe start of a new term is always hectic, but this has been something else. I quickly settled into my new room in M staircase which proved to be much larger than the box I was expecting. In fact, being a more intelligent shape, it actually feels more spacious than my old one, though I’m still bitter about losing such a perfect view. Friends in houses on Lensfield have been popping over regularly, so it’s never too quiet, and I know a lot of the third years around me anyway. It’s a good bunch of people and an excellent kitchen — two ovens, two grills and eight hobs, so much cooking mayhem will ensue, no doubt. The only downside is the tropical sauna that is my bathroom, since the hot water pipes for upstairs run through it, and the shower which resembles being spat on repeatedly. All in all though, I very much landed on my feet given that I was so low in the rooms ballot.

New roomMeanwhile the freshers have been filling Downing for the last few days, partying hard and generally proving to be a fairly energetic bunch. I’ve met both my kids now, and Family Night yesterday was a pretty riotous affair. Since only Narinder could make it (Anton was unavailable as it was Jewish New Year) Charlotte and I hooked up with Lyds and Ravi’s family and were also joined by Dave and Angie’s (along with Annabel as Dave’s mistress). We ate at Ereina’s, a fantastic little restaurant that looks decidedly odd at first glance, and it’s headache-inducing menu serves food of virtually every style imaginable. Run by a Greek family, unsuprisingly the Greek dishes are probably the best on offer. We then headed on to Club Twenty Two (which used to be Life – Cambridge clubs have a strange habit of constantly rebranding themselves while the old names stick; we still refer to one as Cindy’s despite the fact it has never been called that during our time here!) to finish off the evening.

Today, amidst sorting out Ball website issues (after a panicked phone call from Rav yesterday saying, “we’ve been handing out flyers with the address on so we need the website up…now!”) and Globalist logitics, I had to meet all of my supervisors in a weird mystery tour of Cambridge, and suddenly I discovered how much of Cambridge I still didn’t know as I trekked from Downing to Magdalene to Downing to the Lauterpacht Centre to Downing to Fitzwilliam and back to Downing. The mayhem felt much like the freshers’ pub crawl but without the alcoholic incentive. This year’s shaping up to be a lot tougher. I think Hoppo described last year well when said, “You certainly didn’t disgrace yourself but you didn’t exactly excel yourself either. Go for the first this year?” He and Virgo still seem remarkably confident in my capabilities and I suppose I should trust their experience since they’ve been doing this for several decades…

New wormsLastly, when checking my mail yesterday, I found a package containing a PS2 ethernet card along with a copy of Worms 4: Mayhem. Very nice, but not exactly useful since I don’t have a PS2. It looks as though it was sent to me by Codemasters, the developers, so I can only assume it was part of some promotional competition I entered a long while back (probably trying to win the console). Either that or they want me to review it. Unfortunately without the requisite machine all I can tell you is that the disc is very shiny. If you think all this should be yours instead, let me know why in the comments and I’ll see what I can do…

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