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QuickView: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022)

“This is why I must trust my shamanic instincts as a thespian.”

Nick Cage

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Nicolas Cage in possession of massive talent must be in want of a movie. Leaning into the speculation around his often-surprising career choices, Nicolas Cage plays a fictionalised version of himself, desperate for a hit as much to impress his daughter as for the money. This sets the tone of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, amusing rather than satirical, as it shifts to espionage and action involving a Mexican arms dealer and the CIA. There are two keys to its success: firstly, that Cage largely plays the role straight, though keenly aware of comedic timing and self-referential overacting; and secondly, Pedro Pascal’s awkward charm as the criminal who seems more interested in screenwriting. The most fun is had when the two actors play off one another, their characters equally anxious as they build a rapport. Although the rest of production is competent, were it not for the “Nick Cage” gimmick, this would not be a noteworthy film. Ultimately, it is a homage that will predominantly attract and entertain Cage fans (it is littered with references to his past films), and it comfortably rides the wave of goodwill from Cage’s recent strong performances.


QuickView: Keanu (2016)

Keanu quad poster

“You want to never get pulled over again, you drive an inconspicuous family vehicle.”

Clarence Goobril

Key & Peele deservedly leap to the big screen but lack the feline grace to land on their feet in this amusing but overstretched comedy. The premise — two regular guys inadvertently stumbling into gang warfare whilst attempting to recover a very cute kitten — is ridiculous and largely irrelevant. Peele co-wrote the script and his eye for divergent black culture is clear, particularly in a scene describing George Michael to black youths as a hood icon. However, after the third time we return to the same joke, one is left wondering whether Key & Peele’s comedic talents are best served by short-form absurdity without the distraction of an overarching plot.


"A film is a petrified fountain of thought."

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