Man on the Moon

“Andy, you have to look inside and ask this question: who are you trying to entertain — the audience or yourself?”

George Shapiro

Deliberately abrasive and inscrutable, Andy Kaufman is widely revered as a genius in comedic circles, despite leaving audiences routinely baffled by his offbeat performances. It makes sense that a biopic of the man’s life should contain some of the same idiosyncrasies, although it doesn’t always aid in communicating Kaufman’s intentions or his struggle. Carrey’s performance — his first movie portrayal of a real person — is a highlight, immersing himself utterly in a man for whom he clearly has deep admiration. Ultimately, however, Man on the Moon struggles to allow the viewer into Kaufman’s head, something better achieved by the recent Jim & Andy – The Great Beyond, a documentary about the making of this very film.