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QuickView: Buffaloed (2019)

“Buffalo, New York. The epicentre of the rust belt. A city whose favorite meal is a discarded chicken part. A city hopelessly dedicated to a staple of disappointment.”


A The Big Short-lite that examines America’s debt collection industry through a fictional hustler in Buffalo, New York, Buffaloed adopts Adam McKay’s technique of explanatory asides from characters but lacks anything like the same depth. Zoey Deutch’s high-energy performance keeps the film moving though the script cannot keep pace. It opens strongly enough with Peg’s introduction as a precocious child with dreams of success that land her prison, before discovering the lucrative and predatory debt recovery business on her release. As her new career takes off, however, the film stumbles with throwaway characters and a contrived relationship between Peg and the prosecutor who originally put her away. Squandering its early credit, Buffaloed runs out of steam with little insight beyond the fact that purchasing debt is predatory.


QuickView: Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Sorry to Bother You poster

“Let me give you a tip. You wanna make some money here? Use your white voice.”


An off-beat comedy about white privilege, worker exploitation and personal greed, Sorry to Bother You is the impressive debut feature from writer/director Boots Riley, and stars the excellent LaKeith Stanfield (of Atlanta fame). Riley’s approach to unsettling the audience through the black perspective of navigating social interaction is reminiscent of Get Out, though he also channels Michel Gondry in his loose approach to realism, overtly referencing the director in a stop-motion animated sequence. It is the absurdist notes — like the fact that the “white voice” which propels Cassius’ career is not simply a posh accent spoken by Stanfield but is very obviously dubbed (by David Cross) — which demonstrate Riley’s unique voice as a film maker but arguably distract from Sorry to Bother You’s core messages.


"A film is a petrified fountain of thought."

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