Forgetting Sarah Marshall quad poster

“Maybe it’s good we got hurt like that, you know? I don’t know about you but it makes me feel impervious to pain.”

Peter Bretter

A film from the Judd Apatow stable written by and starring Jason Segel, this is less a romcom than a post-breakup movie with hints of Swingers. Although there is raunchy comedy, the script can also be smart with poignant moments as Peter and Sarah both reach gradual realisations about themselves and their previous relationship. Russell Brand proves a surprisingly effective foil as Sarah’s sleazy new rock star boyfriend who is hateable and likeable in equal measures. There are also several suspiciously prescient nods to The Muppets — which Segel would subsequently write and star in — from a puppet musical number to a drunken piano rendition of the Muppets Tonight theme. Less consistently funny than its Apatow-directed predecessors, this is an enjoyable island romp with arguably greater emotional intelligence.