“You know the real tragedy of meeting the love of your life? If it’s happened, it’s behind you. It’s not gonna happen again.”


Synchronic is paranormal science fiction that follows a pair of parademics who stumble upon a link between strange cases and a new designer drug called “Synchronic”. Setting most of the film at night heightens the oppressiveness of paramedics’ work and the ease with which one might start to crack, an approach Scorsese deployed in Bringing Out The Dead. I am not familiar with Benson and Moorhead’s previous directorial output, which exists in the same continuity, but Synchronic reminded me of the New Orleans in Out of Blue (released the same year), a heightened reality steeped in an atmospheric sense of melancholy and mysticism. The friendship between Anthony Mackie and James Dornan’s characters is the core of the film, and their chemistry together, supporting and sniping, makes Synchronic work. Separating them as the film descends into its time travelling conceit is problematic as we care less about the characters in isolation. Steve is intelligent in his experimentation but, for the most part, the results of his temporal ruminations are not exactly profound (“The present is a miracle, bruh”). The result is engrossing ambiance but the time spent with Synchronic will swiftly slip away.