Oh, Ramona!

“I know you’re in love with me. I think it’s… cute.”


Oh, Ramona! feels like a horny teenager’s attempt to recreate Scott Pilgrim vs The World, but the mere comparison gives it far too much credit — its writing lacks the any of the same wit and its occasional visual flourishes are derivative rather than creative. As a protagonist, Andrei smacks of wish fulfilment, a nerdy and unpopular schoolkid who inexplicably has two beautiful girls vying for his affection. This might work if he had the merest hint of depth, but Andrei is a shallow, spineless teenager, showing little agency and no development over the course of the film. In fact none of the characters have discernible motivations behind their actions, and the audience is given little reason to warm to any of them. Oh, Ramona! might have been in reasonable company had it released alongside American Pie in 1999. Two decades later, its weak attempts at raunchy teen comedy are tiresome and unevolved.