“I have the best drivers. You’re going to give them the best cars.”


Cars, criminals and crooked cops: Lost Bullet mixes these key ingredients to concoct a lean action crime thriller with a hefty dose of French style. Stuntman and actor Alban Lenoir is French action cinema’s answer to Jason Statham as the honourable criminal/mechanic Lino, down to the stubble, close cropped hair and permanently squinting gaze. Plucked from prison to modify cars for a specialised police unit so that they can combat “go-fast” drug smugglers, it is a simple recipe for car chases and kinetic fistfights. Lost Bullet’s focus rarely wavers, trimming the fat from stereotypical Hollywood action fare whilst still providing enough characterisation to keep us invested as Lino seeks to clear his name. If you experience any enjoyment in creative vehicular destruction, Lost Bullet is a pleasant surprise that is well worth your time.