“You only got away because me powers are weak! I need me gold!”


Eviscerated by critics on release, Leprechaun fares slightly better now as a campy 90s throwback, particularly as it stars a 24-year-old Jennifer Aniston before Friends catapulted her to global fame. Although it may offer unintended entertainment in its awfulness, there is nothing of quality here: the plot is almost non-existent, the dialogue is atrocious, and the characters are the worst kind of artificially stupid horror tropes. Warwick Davis receives top billing, gamely throwing himself into the villainous Leprechaun role, hamming it up beneath prosthetics and snarling his way through terrible quips. Leprechaun might have succeeded if its gore and effects were not so laughably poor, but there is no genuine horror here. The critics were entirely correct, then, but there is an additional sliver of silly fun for a modern audience.