Filmed in Supermarionation

“Okay this is very simplistic, but we might just as well make it as well as we could.”

Sylvia Anderson

This documentary chronicles Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s television productions, and their rise to popularity using signature marionette puppetry and detailed scale models. Bringing many of the original team back to their old studio in Slough results in some interesting reminiscence, but most interesting parts are the explanations of the filming techniques used, including reconstruction demonstrations of how effects like a runway take-off were achieved. Given the title, more details on how the technical aspects of the puppetry developed over time would have been welcome. However, the filmmakers have a broader scope, encompassing the individuals and the business considerations at work. Narration by Thunderbirds’ Lady Penelope and Parker (with their original voice actors) might be a gimmick, but it provides a wonderful touch of nostalgia.