For Miranda

‘Twas of a yesternight, now gone by
That thou didst speak of a log cabin snug
And of a roaring fire before the rug
So take down this book with softest sigh.

Now as we sit here, cuddled close
My gaze torn from the flames only by thine eyes
That shine and sparkle in shadow like fireflies
Your face blossoms into smile, my rose.

I hold you nearer, warming your chill
Mine hands enclose the shiv’ring skin of thine arms
And my whispers in thine ears that slowly calms
Wrapp’d as one, serenely – oh, so still!

Delicious kisses, a rising passion
Hearts beat faster in time together
This fireplace doth our love untether
Fingers, bodies entwin’d in such a fashion!

Lost and found in these mountain peaks so old
This love will endure on and on until
That heavenly love which forever will
Till then read this, my love, when you are cold.

© 2002 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella

Based on a discussion of Yeats’ “When You are Old” which developed into a dreamy conversation of a log cabin in snowy mountains with a roaring fire. Uses an identical rhyming pattern, although the style is perhaps older still.