For Daniel J. Hunter (1984-2002)

There is a place where all the dead go
Before they leave this living earth
They live on in the hearts of those who know
That perfect mem’ry of their worth.

The dead glow down like golden sunshine
Illuminate darkness and fears
Springtime rebirth is their vibrant sign
The warmth to brush away our tears.

They float on the breeze as snow cascades
Blanket the world in their embrace
Our memory of them never fades
Comfort as we recall their face.

True wisdom the dead have been granted
And share with us part of their gift
With grief seeds of knowledge are planted
With time they will grow and uplift.

The dead will never desert us now
For they love each of us too deep
Instilling peace, their gift to bestow
Love for them in return we keep.

As we cry out in anguish and dread
The dead stare down upon us far fonder
For why do we mourn their loss instead
When in the gardens of Heav’n they wander?

© 2003 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella

Written after his Funeral Mass, this piece was for Daniel, but is about all the Dead whom we have cared for in life. Dan died suddenly on Christmas Day at only 18 years of age, but in the best possible way: painless and surrounded by family and love.