I can’t lose the taste of your lips
Our tongues in unison swirling
Our fingers entwined and curling
Then your words, my heart slowly rips.

Haunted by memories of you
Such flawless sweet moments together
Are fixed in my mind now forever
Why did we fit so well, we two?

The scent of your glistening hair
Your arms round my neck hold me close
All I want is just one more dose
Of our perfection as a pair.

I thought that these feelings were gone
But instead they are taunting my mind
Remembering emotions, the worst kind
No longer sure I can hold on.

How your voice let me soar so high
And your smile broke through the dark
Life, bleak alone, seems so stark
Why does this love refuse to die?

I’m lying here going insane
Plummeting down into despair
For I know life is never fair
Will I never taste you again?

© 2002 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella