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Sestina of Shattered Kisses

A sestina is a verse form in which the last word of each line in the first verse repeat in an ever-changing sequence over the next five verses, and all appear in one three-line endpiece. The last line of each verse and the first line of the subsequent one share the same word ending, so an eternal cycle is formed with each verse feeding on to the next…

Did not wish to wake from this dream
Changing views of all that is real
Altered perception of the world
Transmutating magical kiss
Glimpsing your soul as if through glass
Stealing secrets from within you.

All I had, gave gladly to you
Believed in love; only a dream
Reflected in this looking glass
A place where only you are real
Healing the dead within my world
Born again in a single kiss.

Open your lips; receive his kiss
Believed in love; betrayed by you
Shadowed darkness only seems real
I want no more this tainted world
Shatter at once the selfsame dream
Broken hearts shatter just as glass.

While sipping from this poisoned glass
Took my own life; made it your world
Haunting me in every dream
Each night again I must face you
Hurt by the lie behind your kiss
Reaching out for anything real.

Inside is what is truly real
Love is over; I raise this glass
To skies where starlight seems to kiss
And have I not the right to dream?
Wish I could; will never hate you
Not trapped within this ghostly world.

I can stand outside of this world
And I can bear to watch you kiss
Your arms round his neck; his round you
Press my hand against its cold glass
Watch through this window; is this real?
Forgive me if I stare and dream.

There is no dream but only you
Destroyed my world like shattered glass
Watch you two kiss; this is not real.

© 2003 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella

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  1. I’ve read nearly all of your poetry from P-2004 and the crypt, and, if I played the favourites game (which you know I normally don’t), this would be my favourite of all of your poems.

    Just thought you should know that. 🙂

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