Pain is not knowing
Where you belong in life.
Pain is your best friend
Moving away without saying.
Pain is her telling you
No matter how much you do,
She cannot love you.
Pain is when your parents
Seem a world away from you.
Pain is lying awake at night
As it hurts too much to sleep.
But all the pain disappears
For an instant
When you (hit/kiss) me.

© 2001 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella

This poem is based around its ending and dual-title, in that depending on which of the two words is used in the last line, the whole effect of the poem changes. The latter makes it a love poem, about how a lover can help you escape and recover from any pain, no matter how bad. The former would create a poem about pain in a more abstract way, and how physical pain is nothing in comparison to the emotional variety.