Such beautiful lies that we twisted into truth
Sprayed over the fabric of a fast fading youth
Left alone in the darkness of another freezing night
After another changeless day you never wished to fight
Colour drained away from the world and from within
Marked by your sombre silence and chill, pallid skin
A dull steady gaze stares at nothing, like the dead
Shadowed sleepy eyes sunken deep into this head
Whisper of a history, love once brought a glow to this face
Hopeful glimmer in these eyes of a return to that place.

The pain has healed yet nothing returns to how it should be
No joy to replace this vacant page, still we are not free
Smiling wryly in the black, too hollow to cry
So drained by the weight of that haunting question, “why?”
Thought is the bane of rest, seeking answers we cannot find
Perhaps such things do not exist for those few good and kind
Echoes of denials still ring loud in your ears
And scattered memories, scars that sting, sing of our fears
Clarity is fleeting while confusion will linger long
Convince ourselves we grasp at last the lyrics of our song.

© 2003 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella