For Kim

How often do you get the chance
To see an angel walk right through the door?
But when I first laid eyes on you
That is precisely what I saw.

How often do you find a girl
Who can slow down time with her smile?
Such glorious, dazzling beauty,
The room seems to glow all the while!

How often do you meet someone
Who snatches your breath so far away
That all you can do is sit there
Unable to speak all that you would say?

How often do you meet a woman
Whom devils would fear to touch?
So intoxicating is her presence,
She makes mortal men feel as such.

How often do you find a lady
Who captures heart and body and mind?
Such a perfect creature, nay goddess
Nev’r again in this world will I find!

And how often do you forget her?
I know that I have been given no choice
But to think of her radiant face
Ev’ry moment till I next hear her voice.

© 2002 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella