“all the world has closed her eyes
tired faith all worn thin
for all they could have done
and all that could have been.”
        -nine inch nails, the great below

Fallen angel, broken wings
No more flies and no more sings
Cast out from Heaven down to this
He wonders if he will be missed
No one can comfort him now
No one who can know just how
It feels to see such beauty then
Have it all taken away when
He told the truth, just how he felt
He begged, pleaded, before her knelt
He asked for nothing but her love
So long before, so far above
But when she heard she threw him out
Her mind churned up and filled with doubt
His angel love, she forsook him
His future now, it looks so grim
For who can love when they have seen
The Heaven that they could have been?

© 2002 Priyan “Phoenix” Meewella

This poem was written on the back of an envelope and very nearly lost until I came upon it while clearing papers. At the time I had felt it was incomplete and could not create at ending. However, I never altered it, and simply came to appreciate the current ending, especially when linked to the stunning Nine Inch Nails song.
It was intended to be performed in a very rhythmic style, in a similar way to the Tool vocals in “Schism”.