Here for your viewing pleasure (or amusement or shock or disgust, as the case may be) is the full, but always expanding, catalogue of my DVD collection. It’s mainly here so you can see what I have and ask about or to borrow or to come over and watch anything in which you’re particularly interested.

[B] Blu Ray

3 Iron
13 assassins [B]
21 Grams
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
30 days of night [B]
300 [B]
(500) Days of Summer [B]
a perfect circle – amotion
ace ventura: when nature calls
aladdin [B]
alien [B]
alien 3 [B]
aliens [B]
alien: resurrection [B]
all about lily chou-chou
all about my mother
AI – artificial intelligence
amores perros [“love’s a bitch”]
angel [5 seasons]
animatrix, the
apocalypse now [B]
artist, the [B]
attack the block [B]
avengers assemble [B]
back to the future [B]
back to the future: part ii [B]
back to the future: part iii [B]
bad education
bad guy
bad santa [B]
band of brothers [B]
bank job, the [B]
banquet, the
batman returns
battle royale [B]
battlestar galactica: the complete series [5 seasons] [B]
beauty and the beast [B]
before sunrise
before sunset
being john malkovich
benny & joon
bichunmoo – warrior of virtue
big fish [B]
big lebowski, the [B]
big sleep, the
big steal, the
bill bailey – bewilderness
bill bailey – cosmic jam
bill bailey – part troll
black angel, the
black books – complete [3 seasons]
black swan [B]
blade [B]
blade II
blade runner [B]
blood – the last vampire
blue dahlia, the
blue valentine [B]
blue velvet [B]
boiling point
bolt [B]
bonnie and clyde [B]
boot, das
bourne identity, the [B]
bourne supremacy, the [B]
bourne ultimatum, the [B]
braveheart [B]
breakfast at tiffany’s
breaking the waves
brick [B]
bringing out the dead
brothers [B]
bubba ho-tep
cabin in the woods [B]
candy [B]
carlito’s way [B]
casablanca [B]
casino [B]
casino royale [B]
children of men [B]
chungking express [B]
citizen kane [B]
clerks – 10th anniversary edition
clerks II
closer [B]
cloud atlas [B]
city of god
city of lost children, the
colour of magic, the [B]
coraline [B]
coupling – seasons 1-3
crazy heart [B]
crouching tiger, hidden dragon [B]
crow, the
crow road, the
dancer in the dark
dangerous lives of altar boys, the
darjeeling limited, the
dark angel – season 1
dark city [B]
dark knight, the [B]
dawn of the dead
daybreakers [B]
deadpool [B]
death note [B]
death note: the last name [B]
delicatessen [B]
departed [B]
departures [B]
devil’s rejects, the
diary of the dead [B]
die hard
die hard 2: die harder
die hard with a vengeance
disappearance of alice creed, the [B]
district 9 [B]
district 13 [B]
district 13: ultimatum [B]
dollhouse: the complete series [2 seasons] [B]
donnie darko
double indemnity
downfall [B]
dr. no [B]
dr. strangelove or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb
dragon: the bruce lee story
dresden dolls in paradise, the
dresden dolls: live at the roundhouse london, the
dumb and dumber
ed wood
edward scissorhands
education, an [B]
el mariachi
ex machina [B]
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind [B]
extraordinary rendition
face/off [B]
family guy – seasons 1-3
family guy presents stewie griffin: the untold story
farewell my concubine
farewell my lovely
fifth element, the [B]
fight club [B]
final fantasy: the spirit within [B]
final fantasy vii: advent children – complete [B]
finding neverland
firefly – the complete series [B]
fistful of dollars, a
flight of the navigator
for a few dollars more
for your eyes only [B]
forrest gump
four brothers
four musketeers, the
four rooms
franklyn [B]
friends with benefits [B]
from hell
from russia with love [B]
frozen [B]
funny face
garden state [B]
ghost dog – the way of the samurai
ghost in the shell 2.0 [B]
ghost in the shell – innocence [B]
ghost in the shell – standalone complex – complete 1st gig
ghost world
ghostbusters II
gladiator [B]
glass key, the
godfather, the [B]
godfather – part II, the [B]
godfather – part III, the [B]
gone baby gone [B]
gone girl [B]
good, the bad and the ugly, the
good, the bad and the weird, the [B]
goodfellas [B]
guardians of the galaxy [B]
guide to recognising your saints, a
hana-bi [“fireworks”]
hangover, the [B]
happiness of the katakuris, the
hard boiled
harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay [B]
harold and kumar get the munchies
he loves me, he loves me not [“a la folie pas du tout”]
hellboy [B]
hellboy II: the golden army [B]
highlander [B]
hook [B]
hot fuzz [B]
house m.d. – season 1
how to train your dragon [B]
how to train your dragon 2 [B]
human traffic remixed
hunger, the
i heart huckabees
i’m a cyborg [B]
ichi the killer – collector’s edition
ideal husband, an
igby goes down
in bruges [B]
in the loop
in the mood for love
inception [B]
incredibles, the [B]
indiana jones and the last crusade [B]
infernal affairs [B]
infernal affairs ii [B]
infernal affairs iii [B]
inglourious basterds [B]
inside llewyn davis [B]
interview with the vampire [B]
iron man – flight 666 [B]
iron maiden – rock in rio
iron maiden – visions of the beast
iron man [B]
iron man 3 [B]
jack dee – live at the apollo
jackie brown
jeeves and wooster: the complete collection [4 seasons]
jerry maguire [B]
jurassic park [B]
jurassic park: the lost world [B]
jurassic park iii [B]
key largo
kick-ass [B]
kill bill, volume 1 [B]
kill bill, volume 2 [B]
killers, the
kingsman – the secret service [B]
kiss kiss, bang bang [B]
knocked up
koyaanisqatsi [“life out of balance”]
kung fu hustle [B]
labyrinth [B]
layer cake [B]
last orders
leaving las vegas
leon [B]
let the right one in [B]
life [B]
life acquatic, the
lion king, the [B]
live flesh
lives of others, the [B]
living dead girl, the [“la morte vivante”]
lock, stock & two smoking barrels – the director’s cut
logan [B] [4K]
lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring special extended edition, the
lord of the rings: the return of the king special extended edition, the
lord of the rings: the two towers special extended edition, the
lost highway
lost in translation [B]
lot like love, a
lovers of the arctic circle
machete [B]
maltese falcon, the
martian, the [B]
mask, the
matrix, the [B]
matrix experience, the [3 discs]
matrix reloaded, the [B]
matrix revolutions, the [B]
men in black
mepris, le [B]
micmacs [B]
miller’s crossing [B]
minority report
monsters [B]
monsters, inc. [B]
monty python and the holy grail
moon [B]
moonrise kingdom [B]
mulholland drive
muppets, the [B]
my best friend’s wedding [B]
my blueberry nights [B]
my dinner with andre
my fair lady
mystic river
napoleon dynamite
near dark
nice guys, the [B]
nightmare before christmas, the [B]
nine inch nails – and all that could have been [2 discs]
nine inch nails – beside you in time [B]
nine queens [“neuvos reinas”]
north by northwest [B]
ocean’s eleven [B]
ocean’s thirteen [B]
october sky
oldboy [B]
once upon a time in china trilogy
once upon a time in mexico
one two three trilogy
only lovers left alive [B]
open your eyes [“abre los ojos”]
opeth – lamentations
out of the past
pacific rim [B]
pan’s labyrinth [B]
paradise lost – evolve
paradise lost – the anatomy of melancholy
paris when it sizzles
passengers [B] [4K]
peep show – seasons 1-5
perfect blue
perks of being a wallflower, the [B]
pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl [B]
pitch black [B]
planet earth [B]
planet terror [B]
porcupine tree – arriving somewhere…
powaqqatsi [“life in transition”]
princess bride, the [B]
pulp fiction [B]
raging bull [B]
raid, the [B]
raid 2, the [B]
rare exports: a christmas tale [B]
ratatouille [B]
red violin, the
requiem for a dream [B]
reservoir dogs [B]
resident evil [B]
resident evil: extinction [B]
riddick [B]
road to perdition [B]
roger dodger
roman holiday
romance & cigarettes
royal tenenbaums, the
rules of attraction, the [B]
run lola run [“lola rennt”]
saw [B]
schindler’s list
science of sleep, the
se7en [B]
serenity [B]
seven years in tibet
shaolin soccer
shaun of the dead [B]
shawshank redemption, the [B]
sherlock [B]
sicario [B]
silver linings playbook [B]
sin city [B]
sin city 2 [B]
singing detective, the
six feet under – the complete collector’s editionĀ  [5 seasons]
skyfall [B]
sleepy hollow
slumdog millionaire [B]
snow falling on cedars
snow white (2002)
social network [B]
south park: bigger, longer & uncut
spaced: collectors’ edition [2 seasons]
spider-man 2
spooks – season 2
star trek (2010) [B]
star wars episode i: the phantom menace [B]
star wars episode ii: attack of the clones [B]
star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith [B]
star wars episode iv: a new hope [B]
star wars episode v: the empire strikes back [B]
star wars episode vi: return of the jedi [B]
stardust [B]
sunshine cleaning
super [B]
superbad [B]
superman [B]
superman ii [B]
superman iii [B]
superman iv: the quest for peace [B]
superman returns [B]
sweet hereafter, the
sympathy for mr vengeance [B]
take this waltz [B]
talk to her
ted [B]
terminator 2: judgment day [B]
thick of it, the
thick of it: the specials, the
thing, the [B]
thirst [B]
this gun for hire
three colours blue
three colours red
three colours white
three musketeers
tie me up, tie me down
tin man [B]
tinker, tailor, soldier, spy [B]
tokyo story [B]
tool – salival [dvd & cd]
totally bill hicks
transporter, the [B]
transporter 2 [B]
tremors [B]
troll hunter [B]
tron: legacy [B]
true romance [2 discs]
twelve monkeys
untouchables [B]
up in the air [B]
usual suspects, the [2 discs]
veronica mars [B]
violent cop
waking the dead
walk the line [B]
wall-e [B]
war zone, the
watchmen: director’s cut [B]
where the heart is
withnail and i
woodsman, the
world’s end, the [B]
wreck-it ralph [B]
wrestler, the [B]
x-men [B]
x-men 2 [B]
x-men: days of future past [B]
x-men: first class [B]
x-men: the last stand [B]
x-men origins: wolverine[B]
y tu mama tambien [“and your mother too”]
you can count on me
zero theorem, the [B]
zombieland [B]